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Frequent Questions

When is The Abyss Tarot coming out?

The deck has been picked up by US Games and will distributed in Spring 2021. To pre-order the deck visit

Will you print a Major Arcana version?


Where can I follow the progress of the deck?

I post frequently on instagram  @AnaTourian and Twitter @AnaTourian. You can also join the Facebook group for The Abyss Tarot, where I will be posting all the updates.

Will there be a guidebook?


Will you creating a color version of the deck?

Presently no. Perhaps in the future, after the black and white version will be published.

Will the cards be borderless?

Yes. Aside from the bottom text holder.

Are there extra cards?

Yes, two versions for the 3 and 10 of Swords.

Can it be purchased internationally?

Your best option is to contact your local metaphysical shop and inquire about their wholesale. If I have any new information I will share on my social media.

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